1. For General Visitors
  • Please DO NOT reupload or direct link the download link of my creations to any other website or forum.
  • If you wanna recommend my creations, please Give Credit & Link Back to my blog.
  • I don’t take requests, but I accept proposal, you can send me your proposal to my tumblr. (I dot't see the messages everyday, so don't ask why I don't reply you please.)
2. For CC Creators

  • Please don’t claim my creations as yours.
  • You can use my mesh or texture, but must give credit & link back to me.
  • You can use edit my creations, but must give credit & link back to me.
  • You can convert my cc to other games, but still please give credit & link back to me.
  • Please Do Not convert my sims3 cc to sims4 , because I'll do it myself :)
  • You can add pregnancy morphs to my clothing, but please only for personal use, do not upload to any site or blog for download.


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